Tips to Winning a Slot Machine Easily

Don’t miss the 2017 edition of my MOST FAMOUS guide on how to win at slots. Learn how to pick a winning slot machine with the list of LOOSE online slots! You want to know how to pick a winning slot machine, and you want to know it now. I can help.

In this article, you find everything there is to know about loose slots and on how to play at a slot machine that is about to pay.
Even better: You will learn what are the slots that offer the highest winning chances and what are the slot machines you should avoid.

This is not a surefire b**ls**t guide to losing your money. It’s a full guide on how to pick a winning slot machine based on learned learnt in more a decade.

Attention: this is an update of my original guide. The first edition of this article was published in 2015 as a collection of tips to win at slots. After the 2017 update, this was recognised as the most complete and thorough guide to win on casino slot machines.

How to Win at Slots

Unless you play for fun, the only reason you play online slots is to win some money. But, this is how it goes:

  • You launch an new game
  • You win some
  • You lose it all

At the end of this article, you find a series of tips on how to win on slot machines that help you fix this mistake.

I’ll help you fix the problem and become a winner. There is, however, a pattern when it comes to how casinos place their slot machines or, if you play online, the way they are positioned on the casino websites.  Casino floor planners spend years to understand what game should sit where – and be sure they put in so much hard work because they have only one clear goal in mind: your money.



What’s your goal when you play?

Generally speaking, casinos place the tight machines with large payouts right at the centre of the floor because they want everyone to be looking at the jackpot number while they walk around to choose what slot to play. These slot machines are the most popular ones, but not necessarily the best one to play if your goal is to win at slots. Online is the same:

  • Log in at your favourite site and be sure that the first rooms you find there are those with the lowest payout – aka. the slots where you don’t win.
  • Learn to scroll to the bottom of the bpage or to browse through the site because that’s where the loose slots are.
  • Hold on. What are the loose slots? And where do I find them?

The next time you pick a slots game at a casino, think about these points:

  • Is the slot machine in the middle of the floor or at the end of a row?
  • Is it next to the buffet, or is it in a corner where nobody goes?
  • Does it feature a larger-than-life jackpot, or is it a simple penny slot game?

With all the science that goes behind the placement of games at the casino, you’d be crazy not to question why you see what you see.

The casinos want to push you to play the higher risk games, while you want loose slots that pay out the most often Sometimes, the best way to tell if a slot machine is ready to pay is to look at the other players. You need to know:

  • What kind of players they are
  • How much did they win
  • For how long do they play at the same slot machine

Winnings sizes are crucial. Did they just score a small win or did they cash out a significant amount of money?


In more general terms, the loose slots:

  • Are not promoted on the casino floor or the online lobby.
  • Are located at the back of the casino (if live) or on the games’s second page (if online).
  • Are played by sober, calm, and decently dressed people who never stay for too long.

In addition to these basic guidelines, there are quite a few other tricks and cheats to spotting the loosest of the loose and winning those massive slot jackpots. Since I know most people are here just to pick a winning slot machine and play slots with the highest chances of winning, here’s a list of the best games to play at the time of writing.

As I anticipated in the opening of this article about winning at slots by picking the winning slot machine, this last section of the guide is dedicate to tips that will make you a better slots player. If you want to know how to pick a winning slot machine, you should consider to be exactly like the grocery store next door. It all comes down to this:

  • Have you ever noticed that most shoppers go around the grocery store the same direction as everyone else?
  • This analogy is the key to the very first hack to getting to those winning slots with loose million dollar jackpots.


Slot Hack #1: Cheat the Casino Grocery Store System

When you go to the meat cooler, you reach for the back of the shelf to get the freshest package of hamburger meat. A casino is the same.

You don’t want to be where everyone is. You don’t want to pick the first slot machine you find just because…the casino made you find it there. You want to reach for the fresh hidden burger.

You want to play at the unknown and hidden slots. Look for the machines that don’t promise the biggest and flashiest prizes. You need the middle-of-the-road ones, the lesser shiny slots that will eventually make you leave the casino in the black.


Let’s continue with the grocery store analogy.

Food shoppers are loyal and, except for the odd person who is just running it for a quick something-something, they tend to go to the same store every week and walk around in the same pattern.

  • What does this have to do with slots?
  • Consider walking around the opposite direction the next time you do your shopping.
  • First you will feel like a salmon going up stream. Then, you’ll notice things you’ve never seen before.
  • The higher price items are at eye-level and the bargains are below them. It’s a marketing “law”.
  • However, people don’t generally like to stop when shopping so they’ll grab what is easiest.
  • Put something with a bright package in the middle aisle and – boom goes the dynamite! People will buy that product as if there was no tomorrow.



Slot Hack #2: Break Your Usual Shopping Pattern

The same applies to the games. Don’t settle for the ones that happen to be where people are and happen to look exactly how people like. Look for the black sheeps, be critical. Ask yourself all the whys you need and check out the payout table and the bet sizes before you out your money in.

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If you are playing mobile slots, the best strategy to find a winning slot with an easy jackpot is a little bit different. Depending on the casino app of your choice, the hacks and cheats will vary. Slotomania and Huuuge Casino are two incredible social casino apps where you can find plenty of loose slots.

For Slotomania, we have prepared a detailed guide to hacks and cheats for free coins which you can read here. At Huuuge Casino you can also follow some of the standard guidelines listed above:

  • Scroll past the first page, and pick the slots games you find featured on page two.
  • You need to think twice before you dive into the most easily accessible game and you need to keep in mind that the way games are presented is usually built to the casino’s advantage.



How Can You Tell if a Slot Machine is Ready to Pay

Based on all the cheats, hacks and words of advice on how to choose a winning slot machine, the following shortlist is your go-to guide to navigating through any casino floor, app or online platform!

  • Don’t go for the flashiest games.
  • Scroll or walk past the most popular slots when you play online.
  • Pick one of the loose slots in our table
  • Look for games played by calm, focused, and flighty players.
  • Choose “bottom shelf” games!

Why go to the casino when you could be picking your winning slots right from the comfort of your home? We selected for you some of the loosest online casino rooms around.

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