Jason Koon Wins $421,080 on PokerStars Caribbean Adventure

Jason Koon created triumphant in the $25,000 Single-Day High Roller at the 2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure for $421,080, besting a field of 41 exceptional players who everything considered affected 58 to signify sections. He wound up as the champ of a stacked last table that joined any similarity of Nick Petrangelo, Chris Hunichen, and Isaac Haxton.

This opposition was a pivotal one from the get-go; before the primary level was done, Erik Seidel had lost his stack to Chance Kornuth. In spite of the way that Seidel reemerged (as finished 16 other individuals who busted their first shot before the complete of level 8), he was murdered in the midst of level five when he lost a flip to the unavoidable champion. They accomplished the casual last table after the dinner break, and the air stash broke when PokerStars Team Pro Igor Kurganov got his stack in preflop with nines just to see Timothy Adams flip over rulers. Kurganov got no help from the board and left with barely a penny.

The primary player to finish in the money was Isaac Haxton, who pulled back in eighth place when he got his chips in preflop with stash sevens and couldn’t improve against Adams’ pocket tens. Christopher Kruk transformed into the seventh-put finisher when he stuck preflop with eight-seven suited, was called by Jason Koon holding ruler ten suited, and the board missed the two players completely. Chris Hunichen was discarded in sixth place when he pushed preflop with a suited ruler and got action from Koon who held master jack suited; Koon made treks and Hunichen didn’t relate.

Koon’s hot streak continued when he dispatched Benjamin Pollak in fifth place. The two players got each one of the chips in before the fumble; Koon held ace-ten suited, Pollak held ruler jack, and Koon was still best after the last card fell. Scratch Petrangelo fell in fourth when he got his stack in on the tumble holding a ruler high flush pull in and gutshot just to wind up trailing Mikalai Vaskaboinikau’s nut-flush draw. He got no help from the turn and impacted the second-best to flush on the stream.

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Next, Adams transformed into the third-put finisher when he got his stack in preflop with jacks against Vaskaboinikau’s master nine, and notwithstanding the way that he held his lead after the struggle and turn, a professional fell on the conduit to give Vaskaboinikau the triumphant hand. Heads-up play among Koon and Vaskaboinikau continued going more than a hour. The opposition finally touched base at an end when Vaskaboinikau pushed from the catch with ruler six and Koon, who had the greater of the two stacks by a to some degree restrict edge, woke up with experts.

Notwithstanding the way that this event is in the books, the action on Paradise Island is far from being finished. The $10,300 Main Event is persistent and the last superstar event of the course of action, Event #22 $25,000 No-Limit Hold’em High Roller, initiates Saturday at twelve neighborhood time. Make sure to ask for continuing with extent of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure showed by the PokerNews Live Reporting Team.

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